MPowering the State

About MPowering the State

MPowering the State is the strategic partnership between the University of Maryland, College Park (UMD) and the University of Maryland, Baltimore (UMB) that will significantly expand research collaborations, business development and student opportunities at both institutions.

CHIB will undertake interdisciplinary, cross-campus activities through MPowering the State that include:
• research in multiple informatics areas like genomics, clinical project management and medical imaging;
• innovation grants for lead investigators at both campuses that bridge geographical and disciplinary divides;
• novel opportunities for students to pursue interdisciplinary research and training;
• and facilitating access to clinical studies that can rapidly link CHIB researchers intent on finding new methods for patient-centric care, treatment and therapies.

Technology Commercialization

The state of Maryland is home to one of the largest bioscience clusters in the United States, with more than 2,000 bioscience companies and 80 percent of the nation's pharmaceutical companies within 100 miles of the College Park and Baltimore campuses. Through UM Ventures – a critical part of MPowering the State – CHIB will commercialize any new technologies, adding to the region's vibrant bioscience/biotech enterprise.

Education and Training

CHIB will implement interdisciplinary educational programs that leverage the academic excellence at UMD and UMB in key areas involving computer science, medicine, the life sciences, bioengineering and other disciplines. Plans call for training at least 100 graduate students and postdocs in the first five years. CHIB will also be a powerful vehicle to attract outstanding faculty needed to develop novel multidisciplinary health care solutions.

MPowering the State Leadership

The University System of Maryland Board of Regents has tasked the University of Maryland, Baltimore (UMB) and the University of Maryland, College Park (UMCP) with establishing a special new working relationship that is designed to promote innovation and impact through collaboration. Through a set of formal actions referred to as the University of Maryland Initiatives, the two campuses are in the process of leveraging their considerable strengths to attract exceptional faculty, better serve students, and position the state in a new economic reality.

The responsibility for achieving those actions is the responsibility of the Steering Committee, whose members have been appointed by the presidents. However, this leadership model may evolve once several years of experience have been gained. The Steering Committee reports to the two presidents jointly on progress of initiatives and implements new initiatives at the direction of the presidents. The presidents report to the chancellor and the Board of Regents on the progress of the new activities. Each of the initiatives described above will require an investment of funds from a variety of sources.


Jay A. Perman, M.D.,
 President, UMB

Wallace D. Loh, Ph.D., President, UMCP

Steering Committee:

Michele Eastman, 
Assistant President and Chief of Staff, UMCP

Bruce Jarrell, M.D., FACS,
 Chief Academic and Research Officer, Senior Vice President, Dean, Graduate School, UMB

Mary Ann Rankin, Ph.D., Senior Vice President and Provost, UMCP

Roger J. Ward, Ed.D., J.D., M.P.A.,
 Chief Accountability Officer, Vice President, Operations and Planning, and Vice Dean, Graduate School, UMB

Operations Committee:

G. Scott Bitner, M.B.A., C.P.A., Acting Chief Financial Officer and Associate Vice President

Cynthia Hale, Associate Vice President, Academic Affairs, UMCP

Chuck Wilson, M.S.,
 Associate Vice President for Records, Registration and Extended Studies, UMCP