Antonio Cardone

Assistant Research Scientist
(301) 405-1737
Ph.D., University of Maryland
Research Interests: 

Cardone's research interests are CAD/CAM, feature-based geometric modeling, computational geometry, image processing, proteomics, protein 3-D structure modeling and molecular dynamics techniques. His current research work focuses on developing techniques for protein 3D structure modeling and analysis, for protein molecular dynamics and for molecular trajectories' analysis. He is also working on 2-D image segmentation and tracking techniques for analyzing live cell images.

Some of Cardone's projects for the past three years have been carried out in cooperation with the Enzyme Chemistry Section of the Laboratory of Neurochemistry at the National Institute of Neurological Disorders and Strokes.

Cardone served as principal investigator on a research project entitled "Standards and methodologies for a comprehensive measurement framework for medical applications," funded by National Institute of Standard and Technology. His Geometry Based Search Software (GBSS), built in collaboration with Satyandra K. Gupta from the Mechanical Engineering Department at UMD and M. Schwartz, was finalist in the information science category for the University of Maryland Office of Technology Commercialization Invention of the Year Award in 2007.

Cardone has reviewed articles for established international journals such as Computer Aided Design and Journal of Computing & Information Science in Engineering.

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