Ronna Hertzano

Assistant Professor
Frenkil building, 16 S Eutaw St., Suite 500
(410) 328-1892
(410) 328-5827
Ph.D., Tel Aviv University
Special Awards/Honors: 
National Organization of Hearing Research Burt Evans Young Investigator Award
Research Interests: 

Hertzano is a surgeon-scientist and her clinical practice is focused on diseases of the ear and lateral skull base, with a particular interest in hearing restoration and genetic hearing loss. The focus of her basic science research is on understanding the molecular mechanisms leading to inner ear development as well as acquired hearing loss, using genomic, cell type-specific approaches.

In addition, in a joint effort with the Institute for Genome Sciences, she has been developing a platform for sharing of gene expression data (the gEAR portal – gene expression for auditory research).

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